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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Beth Hallel mean?
“Beth” comes from the Hebrew word, “beit” meaning “house” and “Hallel” is Hebrew for “praise.” Beth Hallel means “House of Praise.”
How should I dress for services?
Congregation Beth Hallel encourages the congregants to dress nicely, but comfortably. You will be comfortable at Beth Hallel in anything from professional attire to business casual. The majority of men wear slacks and a button-down shirt. The majority of women wear dresses, skirts, or pants.
Why do you use L-rd and G-d?
Tradition! This is a traditional Jewish way to show respect for the holy name of G-d.
What do I bring if I attend a service?
You don’t have to bring anything at all! If you are a man who owns a tallit or a kippah, you are welcome to bring and wear them both.
How does one become a member of Congregation Beth Hallel?
People who are considering becoming members have the opportunity to do so twice a year by signing up for Beth Hallel’s New Member Course.
Am I able to bring my children?
Of course! There are enriching classes available for young children. These classes are dismissed during the service. There is also a nursery available for newborn children to age 3.
Can non-Jewish people attend?
Yes, and they can become members, too. Beth Hallel is a place where both Jewish and Gentile individuals can join together to worship the promised Messiah in a Jewish and Biblical way.
Where is Congregation Beth Hallel located?
The address is 950 Pine Grove Road, Roswell, GA 30075. If you are familiar with Historic Roswell, north of Atlanta, Beth Hallel is only a few miles away.