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Children's Ministry

The Children's Ministry is led by Su Trager.  Beth Hallel has one of the largest children's education departments in the Messianic movement.
Tuesday Night Scripture Study
This mid-week program is available to children of all ages! On Tuesday nights, we have seven children's classes in our Messianic Jewish Community Center.  The students are grouped by grade level:
  • Pre-K-Kindergarten – Upper Level
  • 1st-2nd grades – Upper Level
  • 3rd-4th grades – Upper Level
  • 5th-6th grades – Upper Level
  • 7th-8th grades – Lower Level
  • 9th-12th grades (Temple Teens) – Upper Level
  • College – Lower Level
Congregation Beth Hallel has classes for children during Shabbat services.
Nursery for children ages 0-3 years - Every Friday and Saturday
Kids' Congregation for ages 4-8 years - Every Friday
Torah Tots for ages 4-6 years - Every Saturday
Club Maccabee for ages 7-9 years - Every Saturday (except for the first weekend of the month)

Temple Teens

The Temple Teens are led by Dara Vidito, who earned a bachelor's degree in education and has many years in youth leadership and ministry. She is a former President of the Young Messianic Jewish Alliance.

The Congregation Beth Hallel Temple Teen youth group is for high school aged students.  The Temple Teens consists of students from dozens of Atlanta area high schools who meet regularly in Congregation Beth Hallel’s Teen Room.  Our purpose is to inspire them in their relationship with G-d through worship, study and fellowship with Him.  Every month there are social activities, service projects or fundraisers planned just for this amazing group of teenagers at Congregation Beth Hallel.
Tuesday Nights
Every Tuesday (except the last Tuesday of each month), the Congregation Beth Hallel Temple Teens meet in our Messianic Jewish Community Center Teen Room from 7:00-8:15 pm for some fun, games and contests.  The evening also includes a time of worship, prayer and Scripture-based teaching about G-d and how He relates to our lives. Come join us for a Temple Teen Tuesday!

Small Groups - Weekend Events - Retreats & Conferences
High School students can also choose to participate in our small group time once a month. Our youth group enjoys a variety of fun events throughout the year such as an Atlanta United game, Six Flags, concerts, escape rooms, whitewater rafting trips and an overnight stay in a cave! In addition to weekend events, the Temple Teens travel to two regional retreats and a national conference each year where they can connect with other teens their age.

B'nei Mitzvah Program

The B'nei Mitzvah program is led by Dr. Stephanie Caracelo, a 4th generation Messianic Jew and a Doctor of Education. She has a passion for teaching the foundations of the Jewish faith and inspiring the minds of our B'nei Mitzvah candidates.

This program prepares candidates to become independent, faithful followers of G-d and responsible members of the Messianic Jewish community.  Students are offered full and well-rounded Messianic Jewish education courses to assist them along their path.

The B'nei Mitzvah program is a multi-year program open to members' children, ages 10 to 13.  Our curriculum includes in-depth studies in the following areas:  the cycle of Biblical Feasts, Jewish traditions, culture, and history, Messianic Jewish theology, a Torah survey, prophets, writings, and B’rit Chadashah, prophesies of Messiah and their fulfillment in Yeshua, the history of the Jewish people, the importance of G-d’s timetable for Israel, and the character of G-d.

Hebrew Study and Practical Application
This program includes intensive instruction in Hebrew taught by Israelis Yoel & Eva Ratz.  They moved to Atlanta from Tel Aviv a number of years ago and have a love for teaching Hebrew.  Our candidates are instructed how to read the Torah portions directly from the Torah scroll and the Haftarah portions in Hebrew without transliteration.  An understanding and application of G-d’s Word is presented by the candidates as they deliver a drasha (speech) of their Torah, Haftarah, and B’rit Chadashah portions.

In the B'nei Mitzvah Program at Congregation Beth Hallel, we see the fruit of our efforts in raising our children as 100% Jewish and 100% Messianic: “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.” –Proverbs 22:6

College Ministry

The Congregation Beth Hallel College Ministry is dedicated to individuals between the ages of 18-24 who trust in Messiah Yeshua and worship the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. We have Bible study on Tuesday nights in our MJCC College Room and monthly social activities. We are focused on the Messianic Jewish vision and know that G-d has specific plans for people in this season.

In the College Minsitry, we also do lots of fun events, conferences and have many volunteer opportunities as well.  You're in college, so it's time to enjoy life and give back.
Weekly Meeting
Every Tuesday (except the last Tuesday of each month), the Beth Hallel college students meet in our MJCC College Room from 7:00-8:00 p.m. for Bible study.  These meetings are interactive discussions on every day issues that face college students.  Our desire is to dig deep and see how G-d’s Word still applies even today even though the Scriptures were written thousands of years ago. Come and join us anytime.

Kesher - Young Adults

Kesher is a space for young messianic believers, ages 25-40, to grow, connect, and learn.  We have events around every other month, that focus just on this critical young adult age group.  Please connect in with us!  After all, Kesher means connection!

Ravachim Yachdav - Singles United

“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.” Psalm 133:1

Singles are a very important part of our mishpacha here at Beth Hallel.  Our mission is to provide social and spiritual opportunities during our monthly meetings that will promote fellowship and encouragement.  We host a Torah Study, Shmooze and more every month just for our Singles!  Check the latest calendar for the dates.

Continue to visit this website for future Ravakim Yachdav events!


Shalom Sisters in Messiah! Welcome to the Beth Hallel Sisterhood where we are called and blessed to be what G-d created us to be, daughters and handmaidens of L-rd. What a privilege and honor to be both! As daughters, we receive the love and care of G-d. As handmaidens, we avail ourselves to bless His heart by serving others.

We encourage you to join us at each Beth Hallel Sisterhood event to hear how Adonai can use you to be a blessing to others and to fellowship with the wonderful ladies at Beth Hallel. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of a Sisterhood that ministers to each other and the community around us. You are in Beth Hallel for such a time as this!

For detailed information about Sisterhood breakfasts and events, please see the flyers or click here for the Beth Hallel Sisterhood Instagram. We would love to have you join us!

Men's Group

G-d said to Moses, “I AM who I AM. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: I AM has sent me to you.”
– Exodus 3:14

We are committed to providing every man at Congregation Beth Hallel, and within our community, a group with whom they can grow and develop their relationship with the L-rd.

We provide an environment to interact with other men, who like you, face daily challenges which become just a bit easier when shared with mishpacha (family) and with the L-rd.

We enjoy our time together sharing with friends, learning and growing in Messiah and praying for each other.
The Men's Group meets regularly for the best breakfast in town at Beth Hallel's Messianic Jewish Community Center on the second Sunday of most months.

See the latest calendar to confirm the dates the Men's Group meets next.

Worship Ministry

“Make a joyful noise all ye lands.” Psalm 100:1

Judaism is a rich heritage with a call and an invitation to exalt Elohim, the Most High G-d.  We are commanded in the Tenakh to praise Him and to “proclaim His salvation (literally Yeshua) day after day” 1 Chronicles 16:23.   At Congregation Beth Hallel, we join our mishpacha around the world in our liturgical exaltation.  In addition to this, we follow after the pattern of Melech David (King David) in praising and worshiping our G-d, who Scripture says, “rejoices over you with singing” (Zephaniah 3:17).

We do this with music infusing modern Israeli and American worship styles with traditional Israeli and Klezmer styles. Expect guitars, drums, keyboard, percussion and vocalists all lifting up HaShem.  Messianic congregations are known for their unique musical expressions about and toward the G-d of Israel. Congregation Beth Hallel, whose very name means House of Praise, is among the premiere congregations in adding to the Messianic catalogue of G-d centered music.  Come join us in lifting up the name of Yeshua and proclaiming the one G-d of Israel through Messianic Jewish liturgy and song.

“Let us exalt His Name together.” Psalm 34:3

Homeless Shelter Ministry

“…sharing your food with the hungry, taking the homeless poor into your house, clothing the naked when you see them, fulfilling your duty to your kinsmen!” -Isaiah 58:7

Times can be difficult.  Many people are struggling to find work and pay their bills.  Must Ministries in Marietta provides a place for people to live when they have no home of their own.  Since the early 1990's, once a month, Congregation Beth Hallel has volunteers serve breakfast to the individuals and families staying there.  It is an honor to be able to assist our brothers and sisters in their time of need.

Our Beth Hallel volunteers arrive at the shelter at 5:30 a.m. on the 3rd Sunday of each month to cook and serve a delicious breakfast.  The volunteers lead the residents in singing songs of praise to the L-rd, and deliver a message of hope from G-d’s Word that touches their hearts.

Tekiah Prison Ministry

Beth Hallel's Tekiah Prison Ministry ministers to jailed inmates at a local state prison. It is an incredible opporutnity to pour into the lives of those searching and seeking a closer relationship with the G-d of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. 

Prayer Ministry

Shomrei HaSha’arim- Guardian of the Gates
Our mission  is to equip and train members of Congregation Beth Hallel to make our congregation a House of Prayer for all nations. We seek to raise up, support and bless G-d’s people in prayer. Isaiah 56:7

We have many, many different prayer groups.  From praying for our nation, to praying for Israel, to praying for our mishpacha, to praying for our children, to praying for emergency needs, there are many, many people involved in our various prayer teams.

Dance Ministry

“Let them praise His name with dancing…” –Psalm 149:3

Experience WORSHIP with your feet!  Dance has been a Biblical form of worship throughout the ages.  It is an expression of joy, triumph, praise, and celebration.

In our dance workshops, we use Israeli folk dance and choreographed moves for music played at our services, our concerts and other special events held at Congregation Beth Hallel.  Our workshops are open to everyone and all levels of dance ability from beginning to advanced.  Come join us and experience WORSHIP through dance!
Dance workshops are scheduled throughout the year and held on specific Sundays beginning at 12:00 p.m. in the MJCC gymnasium.

See the calendar for current dates.


Come explore Messianic Judaism at our library!

Located in the lower level of the synagogue, the library at Congregation Beth Hallel features thousands of books on a variety of topics, as well as a growing media center containing CDs and DVDs for all ages.

Library materials are available for checkout to all members. CDs of sermons are available for just $5 each!

Gift Shop

Congregation Beth Hallel’s Gift Shop is located in the lower level of Beth Hallel’s synagogue building.  We are open after Shabbat services on Fridays and Saturdays.  We also schedule appointments for people who desire to shop during the week.  There is a wide variety of Judaica including jewelry, music, art, apparel, special items for Shabbat and the Jewish holidays and gifts for the home such as shofars, mezuzahs and more.
Place your order or make an appointment to come shop in person by calling 770-641-3000 ext. 7