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Temple Teens never before

The purpose of Congregation Beth Hallel’s Temple Teens (high school youth group) is to show spiritual growth, uplift one another with positive schmoozing, solidify our Jewish identity, share the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua, with nonbelievers, become living sacrifices for Adonai, and serve one another, our congregation and our community.

Temple Teen Calendar

Showing Spiritual Growth

From Tuesday night Scripture Studies and small group meetings to mentorship opportunities and annual youth retreats and conferences, the Temple Teens are constantly being encouraged and equipped to grow in knowledge of the Bible and to become closer in relationship with the L-rd. 


The Temple Teens LOVE to have fun and adventure together through a wide variety of activities scheduled each month.  From game nights and lock-ins to escape rooms and hikes, to whitewater rafting, spelunking and everything in between, there are so many opportunities to develop and nurture amazing friendships.

Solidifying Jewish Identity

We love our Jewish lifestyle!  This youth group celebrates the holidays Temple Teens style, hangs out together at Shabbat Shmooze (Shabbat dinner), and gathers with other Messianic Jewish youth from all over the country at YMJA retreats and conferences.  We even took a trip to the Dominican Republic to visit and serve in the town where many Jewish people found refuge when they had to escape from Europe during World War II.

Sharing Yeshua

The Temple Teens know they have a safe place to ask hard questions and make sure they understand the evidence that Scripture is truth.  Teens can invite friends to attend events, and every teen is encouraged to present about what G-d has taught them or done in their lives at the end of each year.   The Youth Drama Team performs skits that share truth from the Word of G-d.  The Messiah has come, and we want everyone to know!

Living Sacrifices

Adonai is worthy of worship!  Worship and prayer are included on Tuesday nights, Saturday Night Lights, retreats, conferences and more.  Our Youth Worship Team and Youth Dance Team lead worship at teen events and at Beth Hallel Shabbat services.


There are opportunities to show our love for G-d and others by serving with Temple Teen friends all year long.  We help widows through our Ya’akov 127 projects; we serve at our annual seder and Youth Shabbat services; we volunteer at a homeless shelter and food distribution center outside of our congregation; and we financially support children in Zambia and in the Dominican Republic.  Our student leaders are called the Servant Leadership Team as they aim to lead others by serving them.